supersonic ball
epilepsy-inducing ball game


Supersonic Ball is a not-award-winning game about a bouncing ball thrown in a tunnel made of stairs and getting it to the end. 16 levels of fun! Warning: May cause epilepsy.


Latest advanced version: 0.9.3-beta1.1 2014/04/29
Latest stable version: 0.9.2 2013/12/29

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Arch Linux package (AUR)
Arch Linux package (AUR, latest git)
Windows - x86 outdated
Windows - x64 outdated
Mac OS X - Universal outdated
Generic Linux / .love source

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Programmed by Juju
Contributions by bb010g
Graphics by DJ Omnimaga
Original game by DJ Omnimaga
Made with LÖVE

This software is beerware: this software is licensed under the GPLv3; however, if you like it, feel free to buy me a beer :)

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